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Deland Fall Festival of the Arts 25th Anniversary 2017


November 18 & 19 | 10AM to 5PM

ArtPOP Street Gallery Billboards

The DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts brought a new arts program to the Central Florida area in 2016. ArtPop Central Florida shines the spotlight on talented local artists throughout the year by displaying their artwork on digital and vinyl billboards. They are seen by thousands of local residents and visitors!  The first official ArtPop program was launched in Charlotte, NC in January of 2014 with 20 local artist’s works displayed on available billboard space. To date 80 artists have been featured on the streets of Charlotte, NC. ArtPop is now on the streets of 14 different cities across the country.

The art works are chosen from a group of submitted entries by artists.  Other images are chosen by a public popular vote. Each billboard includes the artist’s work along with their name. The art is placed on OUTFRONT Media billboards for one year in various locations throughout the Central Florida area.

ArtPop Central Florida is a Deland Fall Festival of the Arts initiative which could not have been done without the generous support of OUTFRONT Media. OUTFRONT Media provides all of the billboards in the 14-county area that is covered by the program. We are also indebted to the Founder of ArtPop…Wendy Hickey…who made this program available to us.

Congratulations to our 2016 ArtPOP Winners!

Bobbi Baugh (Without a Net) Painting ArtPOP

Bobbi Baugh (Without a Net) – Email:

Gary Borse (Cathedral) painting ArtPOP

Gary Borse (Cathedral) – Email:

Jeff Ripple (In the Time Between) Painting ArtPOP

Jeff Ripple (In the Time Between) – Email:

Rick Abrams (Just a Ride) painting ArtPOP

Rick Abrams (Just a Ride) – Email:

Ynon Mabat (Spring Oak) Painting ArtPOPYnon Mabat (Spring Oak) – Email:

Funding and Support Services Provided in Part by The City of DeLand, The Cultural Council of Volusia County, The State of Florida Department of State-Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.