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DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts November 23rd and 24th 2019


November 23 & 24 2019 | 10AM to 5PM  Facebook DeLand Fall Festival Instagram DeLand Fall Festival

The DeLand Fall Festival is proud to recognize annually an artist whose work is featured on our event T-shirts and posters. Our 2018 Featured Artist David Hunter, a longtime expert in relief art, will be featured in this years festival. Be sure to stop by and view some of his beautiful works of fine art.


David Hunter-Featured Artist DeLand Fall Festival of the Arts

Winter Park printmaker David Hunter has been selected as the DeLand Fall Festival Featured Artist for 2018 and one of his works is the icon of this year’s festival in posters and other media.

Hunter is a Central Florida native who started out in zoology, earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in that field at University of South Florida in Tampa.

His pen-and-ink drawings illustrating his science studies eventually took over and led to a career in fine art etching.

Hunter’s work reflects his Central Florida and natural science interests.  The printmaking process relies on the drawing of the artist. Albrecht Durer, William Blake and M. C. Escher are among the many historic artists who produced etchings.

Florida wildlife and landscapes are prominent in Hunter’s prints.  His series of Southern Marsh Scenes captures the stillness and mysterious drama of herons gliding through majestic wetlands and other quiet natural events.   Many are printed in one color, which highlights the exquisite light and shadow of our Florida swamp lands.

Others of his images are rural and nautical scenes, general nature and people.

The printing process is a time-honored technique.  Each zinc plate is etched where Hunter has incised lines through an acid resist.  The finely etched channels are inked individually for each print, leading to small irregularities between the various images pulled from the plate. As a result of those differences, each print is considered an original piece of art.

Hunter produces editions of 100 with 10 artist proofs.  The paper is an important part – it must be strong enough to undergo the process, yet soft enough to soak the ink out of the crevices of the plate. He uses cream-colored Fabriano Murillo paper for the monochromatic prints and Rives BFK paper for its bright white  for the hand-colored ones.  A video on Hunter’s website, www.hunterprintmaking.com, demonstrates the printing technique.

Hunter participates in shows and competitions across the country and his work appears in galleries in Florida, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts.  “The DeLand Fall Festival has treated me well over the years,” Hunter said.  “Their team is on the ball and treat the artists fantastically.”

He teaches workshops in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina.  Since 2008 David has been a printmaking instructor and, more recently, acrylic painting instructor at Crealde’ School of Art in Winter Park, Florida while still following his artistic pursuits on a full-time basis.  He was named Crealde’s Instructor of the Year for 2015 and is now a senior instructor at the school.

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